Thursday, May 6, 2010

How the 2nd payment will be counted

I think many of you are wondering that how I counted for 2nd payment, so here it is.

Since I just only count the item price at 1st payment, that means all other payments will be done at 2nd payment.

The 2nd payment will be included:
1. Shipping fee (I will use EMS, and it will be from 900 yen for 1st 300g, and will be divided depends how many people order in a parcel)
2. Japan local domestic fee and bank-in fee (normally will be 800 yen in total or will be divided if at same website to purchase)
3. Commission, normally will be 10% from item price, or lower than that percentage depends on any situation.
4. Custom sales tax (I always will argue with kastam people for this price to make this one go lower so everyone can get cheap price for expensive stuff, normally I try to let my Japan services to tick "gift" so there's no custom tax XP)
5. COD fee/poslaju fee (if needed)

You can always ask me if you any doubt for this matter. Thanks.