Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yeah, this is Merchandise ordering that any merchandise that you need/want, esspecially those who can't find in Malaysia. And also pre-order merchandises too.

Yeah, there's a lot of things that can be purchased over there, for example, clothes merchandise(like Kamen Rider, Sentai, Naruto, One Piece, and many more), accessories, figures, toys and many more. Yeah all items including the latest one I can help you to make order. Just go through the websites and I will do the rest for you when you want to order.

1. If your item price is 3500 yen and below, your 1st payment will be:
item price in yen * 1.05(credit card charges) * 0.042(by right now exchange rate) + RM7(bank-in fee in Japan side) = your 1st payment in RM
2. If your item price is above 3500 yen, your 1st payment will be:
item price in yen * 1.1(credit card charges + bank-in fee in Japan side) * 0.042(by right now exchange rate) = your 1st payment in RM
About currency change, coz the currency will be changed anytime, so please check back here when you confirm your order.

Shipping fees will be updated in your email after batch closed.

Shipping fees will be counted like this:
The base domestic (within japan) shipping fee + international shipping fee that will be splited by item weight/number of items.
Somebody asked me before what "Why I have Japan domestic charge?" The reason is many of the Japan online websites, they just sell for their local area only(mean, sell at Japan only, not sell to oversea), so I will use a shopping service called "fromjapan" shopping service, this can help us to do service that send items to oversea. That's why we can get our items direct from Japan, just need a bit of extra charges. =P

About payment, you can bank-in to me in my maybank account.
At first, you have to pay me the full amount of the item(s). Then when I order the items for you, I will pay for you the shipping fee too. So at the same time, when I give you the items, you have to give me shipping fee. It's like you're holding the money and I also holding your items so both of us won't run away right? Therefore please don't FFK to me in last minute after you make the order.

Please remember that once you order, there's no back out.

There's no minimum order since I also wanna buy for myself. lol. =P

After I get the items, I can do either COD(in Cheras area or UTAR Setapak, near Wangsa Maju area, and also at Johor Baru, however for Johor Baru, it will depends my avaliability, I only will do COD on weekend and at Jusco Tebrau City for Johor Baru area; if you want me COD at other KL area or PJ area, RM5 of COD fee will be charged) or do postage via poslaju.

Anything wanna ask can ask here or my email: shan_dfrontier (at)

p.s: If you also wanna order some other things esspecially figures but not in Bandai merchandise(for example, SHFigure, S.I.C., and etc) that sell in Japan only but not out in here yet..(like.. they sell in or whatsoever la, but I need to know the website 1st =P) I also can try to help you.. Just you have to be remembered that your shipping will be quite high if I just order one order only from a website.(yeah, the process fee with shipping fee from 900 yen for 1st 500g and add somemore for more weight) So.. you know la.. lol.. =P

p.p.s: Oh yeah, don't ask me about helping you check about ebay coz I not doing ebay services. =D