Monday, August 1, 2011

Rules and Regulations for ordering JOS International(characters' apparel)

For this one, it will a bit different from ordering direct from Japan because this can be considered as costume making. So I applied the rules of costume making that I helped my friends at few years ago. So hope you all will read carefully. =)

1. As usual, you will be having 2 payments, but for this time, 1st payment is deposit that I will set the price of deposit on here and you have to pay the deposit in full. After that, when the clothes is done and ready to be shipped to my place, then I will collect the 2nd payment from you. And also will be giving you the costume.
2. Please, please. PLEASE do not rush us about the costumes. The costumes need to be done up to two(2) months after I close the pre-order, because my supplier not only just do my bulk orders, but also other peoples' orders around the world. Be considerate and give high patience to us. I give you my promises so you also give some faiths to me, ok? =D
3. The size is fixed(means, I will make the size from size S till 3XL, and the size is according Asian size, so for people who are from USA, for example, if your size is L, then you let me know that you are taking XL size but not L because normally Asian's size is smaller than USA's people size lol =P), and we will not be doing custom made size order. It is because I want to make my orders easier to be done, and also, making custom made order need to pay extra money. Which one is cheaper for you? You can think twice about it.
4. There will be no changes of size, back out or anything that make everyone messy after I close and submit the orders. Be responsible for anything yea. =)
5. The payment can be done via bank-in(for Malaysia(Maybank) and Singapore(POSB)) or paypal(for other countries).
6. The price that stated is not fixed, it just a rough price for your reference because I need to depends on how many orders I can get. More people = price lesser.
7. Last but not least, don't ask anything that make me dizzy or not even related with the things I want to sell. I may not reply for it. Be smart, because we are human, not wild animal yea. =P

More rules will be added soon.