Monday, June 28, 2010

Rules and Regulations for ordering from Yahoo Japan Auction

Ok I have to let you know some rules for ordering Yahoo Japan Auction from here:

1. I will be having 3 payments need to be done by you in Yahoo auction.(yes that's the most different things compare to normal ordering that need 2 payments only) 1st payment will be deposit. I will need half of your desire item price. For example, If the item price start from 4000 yen, and you want to do auction there and desire to have it below 7000 yen, then I need at least 3500 yen from you as deposit, or full amount(will be preferable). If you win the bid, if there's remained amount you need to pay, I will let you know and that will be your 2nd payment; if you lose the bid, I will refund to you the money in 3-20 days.
2. For item price in 1st and 2nd payment, I will take extra 10% for Japan service charge and RM8 bank-in charges for Japan side there.
3. For 3rd payment, that will be shipping fee(include Japan local shipping and international shipping) and commission(10% from item price, or RM10, whichever it's higher). That time you will need to pay when the item start arrive to my house. Additional one will be local postage, depends if you want to COD(in Klang Valley area only, RM5 for that except Cheras area) or Poslaju(from RM8 depends how much the weight for your item). Yeah this rule is as usual as 2nd payment for normal ordering.
4. If you want to take "buy it now" price, I will take full amount for the item price of the item(s).(since that's not bidding anymore) That mean for "buy it now" items, the 2nd payment will be skipped. That also implied that, this will be treated as normal ordering rather than auction order.
5. I will give some cautions if there's many negative feedbacks from some particular seller. If you insist want to order from that seller, I will not responsible for anything after that. Just a gentle reminder.
6. Those orders are coming seperately, even though the seller is the same person. Except they offer the combine shipping to us.
7. A reminder. Buy those auction items in your own risk. I just help you for ordering only, so hope you won't point to me if the item is having problem coz I won't open customer's items except they want me to have test first.

Will add more for any new things implied.. lol.. =D