Monday, August 1, 2011

We are helping for tokusatsu related clothes now!!

Did you all see there's addition item under this site's facebook page?

Yea, from today, I am adding another line for everyone who really like to have the characters' apparel, especially for tokusatsu related clothes. The name call as.. JOS International.

I'm doing this with some of my friends that like tokusatsu, and also like the characters' apparel. We done for many kinds of clothes such as NEVER jacket, Shinkenred jacket, Captain Marvelous' jacket with inner vest, Gibken Joe's(Gokaiblue) jacket, Minami Kotaro's variety of jackets and so on.

Many new characters' apparel are updated for your collection and interest. However those jacket are just fan-made and not really 100% accurate. We may not do in perfectly well but we try to do as accurate as what you watch in TV about them.

Therefore please support us and make your order while the order is opened by right now! We may not do many extra orders for every characters' apparel yea. lol. =P

Here's the facebook website:

More rules and regulations for ordering characters' apparel will be updated soon. =D